This whole project has been so personal to me and my friends. Being awkward it something that every teenager goes through no matter who they are or what background they come from. I have enjoyed talking to friends and sharing different funny experiences with one and other. It has made us all realise how everyone goes through the exact same thing. What I loved about this zine is that it makes people laugh and quite often makes them tell a funny awkward story as they look through it. People of every generation look at it and they are reminded of a time or place, there a certain sense of nostalgia to it. I am happy with the way that the background came out. Every one make my teeth feel weird or certainly makes my skin crawl. I think it was a good way to tie in the illustrations and the images together. I think naming the zine ‘moist’ was to make sure that every part of the zine had a slight repulsion to it yet had a carefully balanced intrigue. Over all I am happy with the way the zine turned out. I have learnt so much from it, not just from learning different techniques on photoshop but also how people perceive themselves. If we stop being so English for a second we can see how everyone goes through the same experiences.

What I learnt

This project has been very interesting for me because I have always tried to stay as far away from photoshop as I can. however I forced myself into it this time and it was very rewarding. I learnt so many skills on photoshop and now have a understanding of the software and feel confident to go ahead and do it on my own. Again InDesign was something that I was not very familiar with. Learning how to do all the layouts was very interesting and now means that I can now go off and be more experimental with the software.

Although at school I was constantly drawing I have never really properly ‘illustrated’. This was a fun project for me because I got to adapt a certain style of illustration one which I can go on to develop and bring to life even further. I learnt a lot about the colours and line weighting as well as the composition of drawings.


Editing and Maskhead

When putting together the zine I wanted to make sure that it felt quite hectic yet you could still read it. It was important to me that the background was crisp white behind the illustrations hence why I still went and removed the background from all of them. I wanted to keep a very specific zine throughout the whole of it just so if you picked it up you can immediately get the feel of what the zine was about without having to look to much further into it.

With the writing in the zine this was something I struggled with as I had never done mastheads before. However once I had got to grips with the process it was just a question of going over every illustrations so that the writing would stand out and also be neat and tidy.

Daisy de Villeneuve

One artist that sticks out to me through out this project is Daisy de Villeneuve. When starting this project I wasn’t  sure if being so simplistic and using felt tips would work. However she has clearly proved that it is a great medium that works incredibly well. Her work like mine is very flat yet colourful. If I was to go forward and develop my work further I would defiantly look into working with felt tips more. Her style of colouring in so that you can see where she has gone over twice is incredibly affective and something I would like to reciprocate in my work. In the image below I particularly like he use of type within the image. the contrast between the wacky right hand side of the page and the typography on the left is excellent.


I wanted to also include photography in my zine to give it a bit of structure. I took photos of things that made me cringe and where un aesthetic. Once these had been tidied up and the background was removed I needed to decide what background would work throughout the zine. Again this had to be something that was uncomfortable to look at and things that made my teeth almost hurt. These textures where – cactus, bubble wrap, chalk and seashells – this come from the fear of holes (try phobia).


I have now come up with all of my illustrations and now have the task of drawing them in A4 so that I can put them into photoshop and tidy them up. Having then put them into photoshop I had to then remove the background so the image became see through whilst also drawing back over the type so that it was easy to read.

Contextualising Awkwardness

As I looked further into ‘awkward’ I realised how many people had looked into the subject through there own mediums. The poetry was one that stuck with me because of it amusing take on the subject. I found a lot of artist had indirectly looked at it when trying to make a very ‘real’ collection or show. It also tied in to a lot of films and tv shows that I had watched. Writers that had tackled looking at teenagers trying to discover there own identity whilst discovering the own quirks. End of the fucking world was one that particularly inspired. The styling of the whole show is amazing as they get everything to be slightly awkward from the font to the clothes. The coming of age films where constantly in the back of mind mind when developing the zine.

First Hand Research

I made every take an awkward survey. This helped me to see how other viewed there own social interactions and to see how people visualised it. From here I was able to create my own style of drawing which I could go on to develop further.


Looking at different types made me realise how important not only the colour scheme was of it but how you had to have an obvious style that ran throughout the zine. As I have decided to make the zine about being awkward I wanted to make a font that was uncomfortable to look at after having designed some fonts I decided that the best thing to do was actually use my own spidery hand writing.