Reflection on New Romantics

The clothes that had been gathered for New Romantics Shoot where brilliant. I think the highlight of the shoot was when the chicken came in to the shoot. On the day that we shot it was actually raining and I think we did a good job to hide this and still make it look professional. The textured background in the shots worked well with the outrageous clothes. I think we also made good use of the colour of jades hair an I was please with the contrast of the red and green. I think in hindsight we should of played on the suburban family a little more and tried to of made them look more house proud and 18th century. My favourite shot from the shoot is defiantly when they are standing in front of the house. 

Reflection on Riot Grrrl Shoot

I was very happy with the final outcome of the Riot Girl Shoot. The photos came out looking very professional and I think this is down to the fact that it was shot in a studio. The lighting and the background of the shoot was exactly what we wanted, the pink came out very well. I loved the makeup and styling of the shoot and I think the model in captured exactly what we where looking for. I think the only thing that could of been better was if we had used a fish eye camera and maybe experimented more with the angles of the photos.

Reflection on Brit Pop

I was happy with the outcome of the Brit Pop photographs. I was especially happy with how the lighting on the beach worked out. The dusk lighting was perfect. However we still found it difficult to adjust the camera setting and therefor the editing process has been longer than expected. My only regret forms the shoot is that I wish the model came across with a cheekier grin. I felt that he wa not able to smile enough and there for the cheeky nature of the brit pop attitude was not conveyed as well. I was hoping to also get a blurred shot of him putting his middle finger up however that did not come across and we where not able to re do the shot. However I think the photogprghs work well together and I am happy with the result.