Modern New Romantic Influences

So many artist of the years have taken on inspiration from the New Romantics but the one that captured my interest most was Shan Huq AW16. The use of makeup is simplistic yet effect at first is quite jarring to they eyes. I think it embodies the whole style at the time. The shapes are inflated just as much as the imagination of the pieces.

The AW16 collection by Marni also displayed large influences of New romantic style. Suzy Menkes stated that ‘Marni is now singular, with a twisted romanticism and a quiet, but very definite, signature.’  The collection was more sculptural with inflated shapes. The imagination that has gone into the collection is similar to the imagination and creativity that went into the outfits at the time. It was famously known that you would take the day of work before the party in order to get ready instead of the day after to recuperate.

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