Displaying work

When thinking about displaying the work I really wanted the audience to beomce the installation. I have always been fasincated about minipulating peoples emotions when they are in certain spaces. This seemed like an opertunity to throw people off and see how other people react in certain situations.


I went and tested out the VR technology and was completely amazed. Although the technology was amazing I kept thinking about how funny you look when the VR headset is on you, particularly when you are playing an interactive game. The entire experience is completely disorientating but I wanted to look into whether you could have a live feedback loop of yourself outside of the VR inside of the VR. It would allow you to still be in a virtual space yet you would be able to see yourself (looking relatively awkward and funny) within the VR.


My dissertation is looking at a fashion producer called Alexander de Betak. It fascinated me how he manipulates a space for a short amount of time and how between him and the designer he can alter and change people’s moods. I am looking into the future of the fashion show and how it could veer towards VR.  The concept of a virtual space is intriguing and something i have not looked into before.


I walked around town and recorded all the places that I was being watched without my consent. Turns out that nearly every shop I went into there was a CCTV live footage loop of the customers. What was interesting was that when I went to take photographs of the CCTV without asking them shop owners, a lot of them got incredibly angry which I thought was such a contradiction. They are allowed to film me but I am not allowed to take a photograph of myself through their TV?

Who else watches me?

Do we change the way we behave when we know someone is watching?

What do we do when no one is looking?