Olek Workshops

Magda Olek is a charity based crotchet artist who will be a vital part in the Trekstok workshops; she will teach individuals how to knit or crotchet with support and guidance. With lots of previous experience Olek will aim to inspire others and will hopefully aid them not to five up. In collaboration with her will be ambassador Henry holland who will provide support and a reduced yarn rate with his suppliers for his own brand. He will also act as an influential male in order to attract males to learn to knit or crotchet too. This will all take place at Grande Parade campus, University of Brighton.

Trekstok Budget

A budget sheet describing the costs in order to stay within the £10,000 budget. We aim to keep the costs as minimal as possible in order to raise more money for Trekstok.

Trekstok social media

By creating snapshot filters for the events creates more of a personal feel. Also may help gain awareness for Trekstok. By creating a Facebook group will hopefully spread the work of the upcoming events and get a larger audience base.


Trekstok new logo

By creating a new logo in aid of Trekstok knit it will enable the charity to become more known with the logo being more relative to the campaign. This will be used and seen all over Brighton University and websites.

Trekstok illustrations

Here are illustrations used for the branding aspect of the proposal, I have created these to inform posters and advertisement aspects. Hopefully these can then be created as little badges and worn by individuals in a  similar way to the cancer research ribbon. If this was the case, Trekstok would hopefully become well known as people would question what the badge is in aid of.


Trekstok Knitted underwear

In order to get more of a feel and understanding for Trekstoks proposal; I have knitted a piece of underwear in aid the final outcome. This will be used to inspire advertisement and the overall idea of the proposal. By primarily focussing on underwear is due to cancer sufferance’s feeling more comfortable with there body by something they’ve created.