Photography and styling concept board












Kat and I created this moodpboard in order to display our initial ideas and thoughts behind our photography and styling shoot. We went to numerous vintage shops to get inspiration for styling ideas which leads us to collect different textures in representation of LGBT. We both liked the idea of combining both transvestite looks with androgyny. We proceeded to brainstorm locations which would be ideal for our shoot to take place. Both Kat and I went to a gay club called ‘Poison Ivy’ this is where we felt inspired combine both trans and androgyny. From this we started to gather research and purchased a magazine called Dansk which had a wide variety of styles however focused on mainly androgyny.




Satchel Chest

Our first brief is based on an object which we then have to communicate in the way we interpret it. My group and I were given the Satchel. I then proceeded to research and study the object and came up with the idea of the “satchelchest”. This is due to an old chest which has been past down generations in my family which I now currently have in my university halls. Below is a powerpoint which demonstrates my thought process in relation to the Satchel.
Satchel presentation

Louis Vuitton exhibition

I have been to multiple Exhibitions in the past however the Louis Vuitton exhibition feels like an extremely new experience. This is due to the innovative quality where the five sensory factors were considered in each room in order for a more personal experience to the viewer. I now have a deeper insight of the revamped brand in how the brand originated and what they expect for the future with futuristic technologies.

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