WRAP organisation

The SCAP plan has been created by WRAP which is an organisation which delivers practical solutions to improve resource efficiency. There mission and vision is to accelerate the move to a resource efficient economy.

They drive change in the fashion and textile industry to reinvent, rethink and redesign there products and clothing. It is also created to educate consumers on how to elongate the clothing’s lifecycle.

By rethinking and reinventing clothing means producing products to reduce carbon, waste and water. Rethinking clothing is done by adding value and ensuring an elongated product lifecycle is built in. Whilst revauling clothing allows changes to maximise the benefits from reusing old clothing and recycling.

As the governments plan is to reduce waste and increase the reuse of clothing; the SCAP plan is put in place to educate both retailers and consumers in how we can elongate our clothing and rethink its creation and purpose. The continuous research which runs along side the SCAP missions change through further development of technologies and processes.

The SCAP plan sets target to be hit for 2020 as a motive and measuring way to record the achievement and process of change. As they need to adapt to changing circumstances and shifts in the external operating environment in order to acheive success. This is a good way to see what changes are successful through

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