Trekstok illustrations

Here are illustrations used for the branding aspect of the proposal, I have created these to inform posters and advertisement aspects. Hopefully these can then be created as little badges and worn by individuals in a  similar way to the cancer research ribbon. If this was the case, Trekstok would hopefully become well known as people would question what the badge is in aid of.


Trekstok Knitted underwear

In order to get more of a feel and understanding for Trekstoks proposal; I have knitted a piece of underwear in aid the final outcome. This will be used to inspire advertisement and the overall idea of the proposal. By primarily focussing on underwear is due to cancer sufferance’s feeling more comfortable with there body by something they’ve created.

Diversity now finals

As part of our module we had to produce a response in mean of diversity. This is a competition for individuals and their approaches to Diversity and how they can be perceived in society.


Below are a series of images exploring perception and exploitation of the female body. I have done this by disguising the identity of the individual with her body at focal point.