Reflecting upon this semester and doing this module of Arts management for pioneers, I have a found it quite interesting to learn about more fine art approaches to creativity. I have got involved with and visited a variety of artists and galleries whilst learning about audiences and curation. The visit to Towner gallery was one of the highlights as it was an extremely innovative building with local contemporary work from a variety of artists. The attraction of a multitude of audiences is interesting to see how different individuals may view the gallery. Especially with a strong focus on learning programmes.

I feel like I am able to interact with a broader range of individuals with different course backgrounds. But also with artists and curators by asking the right question in order to get my initial questions answered in relation to placement. As a fashion communication student I initially want to link the questions from this module to the communications/ media side of my course. My initial questions were ‘If possible would you consider expanding onto social media platforms as a form of advertising and showcasing previous festival performances?’ and ‘what was the overall image or theme five short blasts wanted to communicate to the audience?’ These questions would of been interesting to ask the coordinators as it would of given me an insight as to why they don’t target a larger audience which social media could provide them with. If this was the case they potentially would of benefitted with selling nearer to 1500 tickets instead of 1100.

However I thought it was necessary to change them when the hiccup with placement time and dates occurred as I really struggled with finding the time to fit in the with the placement at five short blasts. This was a big shame as the placement scheme was the part which attracted me in choosing this particular module. Therefore I was only able to be part of the audience for my placement at five short blasts, which was interesting to see the audiences attitude and response before and after the performance. Especially as us audiences are cast to sea where we were able to experience the pre-recorded sound pieces and voices in a peaceful environment that allows us to really connect with the performance. After speaking to a couple of passengers and attending the performance myself we felt that the atmosphere was extremely reflective and meditative.

By gallery interaction with local artists aids the local community to get involved which if they’re aware the art work is locally source and has direct meaning with there local area. Relating this back to five short blasts, this is a good example of why they wanted the performance to be initially based in shoreham, as this was where the stories were set and the individuals voices came from. Therefore by Shoreham having high tide meant the waters were too choppy for a boat to travel on making it a major healthy and safety issue. This worried the artists as they were very conscious the audience wouldn’t receive the initial experience as they expected.

As Brighton festival is such a large organisation with lots of different performances and events taking place. It was interesting to hear the feedback from the placement participated in due to false information given to them before. Although there were many drawbacks, five short blasts knew that it was vital for them to overcome the hiccups and perform to there audiences in the best way possible.

Comparing this to for the birds, they’re both out door events in urban areas has lead to many un predictable drawbacks. Through these placements I have realised that despite how much planning and preparing you can do, when relying on an outdoor space you have got to be prepared for the worst to happen. And when it does you need to respond quickly because you have the public relying on you.
As my degree is focused on communication it hs been refreshing to realise that the galleries and organisations we have met with are actively trying to integrate with conversations with the industry. Similarly fashion communication is the showcasing of an image with a clear and intentional perception to the viewer.

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