De La Warr Visit – 14/02/2017

Reflecting back on the De La Warr visit it was very informative on the history and running of the gallery. I learnt how the arts and culture is demonstrated through artists work to signify a message and the ways this is done. On the way to the bexhill visit we were discussing our thoughts on the questions we had to answer from visiting the gallery website.

We turned up to the gallery and got led into one of the meeting rooms by two ladies whom were the head of learning and head of exhibitions but also artists themselves. We all went through the process of reintroducing ourselves to the group and artists which was a lot less cringe worthing in comparison to the module introduction. We then discussed the module as a whole and why each individual has chosen arts management for pioneers. This was quite interesting as the answers were very diverse and ranged from learning about curating, to alternate routes to if there career doesn’t go to plan, to wanted to participate in a placement and learn new skills to hopefully inform there final year.

After our discussion the two representers of De La Warr directly told us about the concept and importance of the gallery but also there roles and responsibilities within it. De La Warr emphasises upon collaboration as they stress this is a vital part in order for exhibitions, spaces e.t.c. to be a powerful and reflective experience for audiences. This also relates to an interdisciplinary approach program of collating multiple peoples knowledge to discuss, improve and expand the gallery. One of the gallery aims is to attract a wider audience therefore De La Warr are trying to bring in exhibitions that focus on diversity and the interaction of a larger demographic. A variety of topics were discussed as to how this could be done. Nottingham contemporary gallery came up as they explored diversity by only allowing black artists to display there work as there work signified the black arts movement from the 80s.

As the gallery appeals to audiences for many purposes, De La Warrs main aim is for art to be displayed throughout. An example of this is by the cafe being worked on to have more of a studio feeling, therefore artists are being commissioned to produce artwork on the walls. Therefore this should hopefully aid a larger interest of the individuals who only come to the gallery for there coffee. After noting the footfall, they came to realisation that the individuals were of the older generations. Therefore by producing artwork it may entice the to actually explore and take an interest in the gallery, artwork and exhibitions present.

After our discussion we then braked for lunch and were able to explore the gallery and exhibitions present. I went into two exhibitions; ‘In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy’ by Elizabeth Price and ‘Sussex modernism retreat and rebellion’. I found the first exhibition quite interesting as it explored the psychological process your brain takes in process of a dream. This was translated through paintings, drawings, sculpture, photos and film. It explored different states of emotion your body undertakes whilst asleep.

I was only able to briefly go around ‘Sussex modernism retreat and rebellion’ as I got asked to leave for drinking coffee. But this exhibition was quite interesting as it explored how individuals from the quaint villages of sussex explored modernism in an innovative way. I am usually not too keen on the aesthetic of modernism however I find the concept behind the pieces quite interesting.

After lunch we met as a group to do a quick workshop before returning to Brighton. We split into groups and were all provided with mission statements from a particular organisation exploring a form of arts. By unpicking the statement given we were able to identify there qualities, approaches and target demographic. The idea of this task is for us to be aware of what needs to be considered when choosing our placement and if there qualities and aims can relate to our selected questions we want to be answered. We all then discussed the organisations we were given as a group and discussed the similarities and differences of each statement and company.

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