I will suggest to anyone and everyone to try to use music as a form of therapy and a way to communicate… That is not to say however, that in doing so, one should not attempt to gain recognition for this form of expression.

I think a very important part of being a creative, especially when hoping to gain recognition, lies heavily in the support you give to and receive from your peers and fellow artists. I started writing and singing as a way to communicate, however my aspirations have now completely changed. I hope to follow a creative career in music and perform my own songs… The songs that were once to me just a way to get things off my chest, could possibly be the songs that I perform on stage one day.

In order to be do this however, artists need a lot of encouragement and support, both emotionally and physically, whether it be buying tickets to their gigs and screaming at the top of your lungs, showing love when a fellow creative is rejected (which is just a very regular occurrence in the music industry) or even just sharing their event on your social media…

So… On the 6th March I attended the Konoha Album Launch at Green Door Store in Brighton in which my friends and fellow creatives Verbz and Renelle (see below) were performing.

I know both of these up and coming talents personally… They, like me, often use music as a way to express themselves, at times rapping to relieve certain stresses and discussing issues they face personally (for example mental health).

This night was a great success, with a huge turn out and massively supportive crowd. Renelle and Verbz thanked all of those who had shown support by coming out to the show and those, including myself, who helped promote the event prior to the night.

One of my other friends, Ramzey, even took to the stage during Renelle’s set to perform a song he featured on with Renelle. It was a great night, which we happily continued into early hours of the morning…

Here’s a clip of Renelle’s set:


And one from Verbz’:


“The truth is not everything is understandable…” – Verbz

And last but not least, the only selfie I got from the night…Bad quality but good, good vibes.





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