It is really important to take inspiration from other artists when developing your own style, as well as crediting those artists whose work has inspired or influenced your writing or vocal style.

I grew up listening to such a wide variety of music, but took most to jazz, R&B and hip-hop. Amy Winehouse was always played throughout my house by both my parents and siblings so I often would learn her songs and sing over the instrumentals. It was not only her voice that got me, it was her lyricism… The lyrics were raw and as a young female listener, I often felt empowered by them.

This week I have been very ill and am meant to be on voice rest but for you, I have posted a snippet of my cover to her song  ‘Stronger Than Me’. Enjoy!


I’ve also noticed, especially when moving to Brighton, different genres merging and becoming something new entirely in my own music. It is important to have your own unique style as an artist if you’re hoping to stand out in a pool of millions of talented people. Iamddb is an example of an artist who encompasses numerous different styles which allow her to stand out from the rest, her style varies from Neo-soul to R&B, trap to urban jazz. Her music has been a massive inspiration to me, as well as her visuals and the beats she performs over. I follow the work INKA, an artist who produced one the original tracks for iamddb, ‘Leaned Out’. Here’s a lil’ snippet of my cover to that song, a tad out of tune but my voice will hopefully be back to normal next week!




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