Growing up, though I was musical, had a lot of creative friends, we were ever encouraged to follow our creative passions or a career in music. Unlike some of my friends, up until recently I never even took music seriously…

Moving to Brighton and being constantly surrounded by other creatives and those involved in the Brighton music scene, changed everything for me. I gained way more confidence to experiment with my own music and began using music in a complete different way.

Previously I just wrote lyrics for fun, and messed around with different writing techniques and different genres of music. It wasn’t until just before moving here, that I realised I actually NEEDED to write. A lot has happened in recent years, and I often felt unable to talk to anyone or fully express how I was feeling… Music then just became a form of therapy for me. A lil’ creative emotional outlet allowing everything to be put down on paper, processed and then turned into something other people can hopefully enjoy or relate to.

I write a lot, but I only ever sung my lyrics in front of people when I was tipsy… That changes today! For the first time ever I will be posting, publicly, a short a song I wrote called ‘Suffocating’…


I found this beat on youtube, it will not be the used for the final backing track but I think it compliments the emotions I am trying to convey. I started writing this song during a past relationship but haven’t yet finished it or found the ‘right’ beat to accompany it. Hopefully next week I will be able to get it recorded in a studio and post it here so you can see the final version, and different harmonies and ad-libs I plan to record over it.

I hope you enjoy!

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