Synthetic Biology

In Vitro Synthetic Biology


Following on from the successes of the NEONUCLEI project, which set out to make simple transcription competent analogues of cell nuclei, we have with our collaborators been exploring the possibility of making biological devices that have a semi-biotic capacity i.e. the capability of self-repairing their biological parts.

The Ethics of Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology is an emerging area of science that carries with it a number of ethical challenges. Broadly speaking these challenges fall into the following categories;

Playing God and Creating Artificial Life
Uncontrolled Release and Ecosystem Disruption
Biosecurity, Bioterrorism and Biowarfare
Global Justice and Intellectual Property
Biopunks, Biohackers and DIY Science

as discussed in a recent book chapter [1].

[1] Dymond, M. K. Synthetic Biology: Culture and Bioethical Considerations. In Synthetic Biology Handbook; CRC Press, 2016; pp 3–34.