Anyone can become a refugee, even a European

‘Anyone can become a refugee, even a European’ is a blog written by Judith Dennis on the 11th May 2017. Looking briefly at different blogs, this seemed to stand out as it is very unusual to the different ones I have written, and certainly help an interesting title which made me curious.

This blog speaks about societies perception of who is believed can become a refugee and who can’t. defiantly not expecting a European to be one. Though read on and find out, this could shock you.

Refugees are often seen to be someone fleeing Syria huddles onto a rickety boat, somewhere in the Mediterranean. Or thought of as families fleeing notorious refugee producing country, like South Sudan for instance.

For a number of years, Albania has been among the top nationalities of people claiming asylum in Britain. Almost all of these claims are refused.

The people who have fled Albania is because their lives are in terrible danger there. These people certainly need our protection and we should be legally obliged to give this protection to them.

Though Albania may be a holiday destination for a lot of people, this doesn’t make it a safe place to settle down and live. Especially got LGBT people there is lots of danger and there is evidence that the government doesn’t keep its people safe.

It has been a shock for many, but the Guardian has revealed some news about the Home office relying on old information and stating that Albania is a safe place to live and sending many people not necessarily from Albanian backgrounds there to live their lives.

This news that had been generated since 201, makes us think that people could have been wrongly sent back to Albania where they were at risk of suffering persecution, or maybe even worse. Those still in the UK, of many living in absolute poverty, will have to make their own way to the Home Office in Liverpool to ask if their case can be reopened. Though many will not even be allowed this option.

Given that decisions on asylum claims can be life or death, it’s vital that the Home Office is held to account for the decisions it makes. After all, no one is above the law, not even the Home Office itself.

Reading this blog has been a shock. Having looked at migration law for some time now, not once did I think that being from somewhere much closer to home you can still be classed as a refugee. So there isn’t even care for our own people now? If that is the case, then who is cared for? I am curious and upset.

The law terminology in this blog was very basic, which yes meant that it was easy to understand, But I would have liked to feel that my law terminology is strengthened by the end of the blog which I don’t feel is the case.

The length of the blog however was great, short and snappy which meant that it could be read at one go, and even gone over several times without any boredom.

There hadn’t of been much backup in this blog which I would have liked to see, as I would have been able to refer to further external sources in this case, but this chance didn’t exist.

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