About mentoring

A warm welcome to all University of Brighton Partnership Mentors. We hope that you find this website a useful resource that supports your role as a mentor. Professionals who take on the role of mentors and professional tutors are key to the success of our partnership. Mentorship is a great opportunity for you to build upon your practice and skills in supporting the professional development of the next generation of teachers.

Your role as a mentor

The overarching aim of mentoring is to:

Support, enable and empower trainee teachers to make effective pedagogical decisions informed by pupil learning.

This aim is best met within a climate of:

  • Supportive, empowering professional relationships
  • Opportunities for reflection and professional dialogue with others
  • Systematic, structured and sustained learning activities

This website contains key documents that describe the processes and systems that facilitate opportunities for this aim to be met.

Key documentation for all mentors to engage with:
Partnership in Education Agreement handbook (PiE) – this is phase specific; Primary, Secondary, EYITT and FET. It describes the overarching, partnership-wide approach to Initial Teacher Education and provides detailed information on the mentors’ role and requirements.

School-Based Training (SBT) Handbook – this is programme specific and describes the trainees’ outcomes and expectations for a particular stage of training within a specific programme.

National Standards for Mentors – these are a set of standards aimed as raising the profile and status of mentoring nationally. They provide a shared understanding of the qualities of effective mentoring and can be used to enhance the professional development of mentors both during and beyond ITE.

Training for mentors
We provide training sessions for new mentors each term. We run them both at the university and at regional events. We can also run bespoke training sessions at individual schools / settings. As a mentor, you will also be invited to attend a session prior to the start of each SBT. At these sessions, trainee and mentors are briefed on the latest developments and any changes to specific SBT requirements.

On-going support
As a mentor you will have the support of your trainees’ university tutor should you need it. We also organise regular conferences and meetings. These are an opportunity for mentors, professional tutors and university tutors to discuss professional standards, developments in their subject and the relationship between school-based and university-based work.

We are able to pay mentors £60 for attending meetings outside of working hours and will pay travel expenses (normally not taxis). For meetings held during working hours, we will reimburse supply cover costs to schools, settings and colleges.