MEI Position Statement

Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact: A call for change

Position statement, January 2016


In the current climate of increasing need for community resilience, our vision is to begin a conversation through which we collectively seek more dignified and meaningful ways of ensuring services provided in the community are both accountable to their funders and reflective of the needs of those who access them. Specifically, we wish to draw attention to the issue of community data burden and the increasing need for simple and dignified community data collection.

This position statement seeks to support dialogue on these issues and proposes a call to action based on consultation with 68 community organisations (74 individual representatives). This call to action has relevance to a range of stakeholders involved in the monitoring and evaluation of services provided in the community. We recognize that this is a challenging area but in being member led have responsibility for representing the experiences of our members. In doing so, this call to action asks for a solution-focused conversation with funders and commissioners based on an agreement or ‘concordat’ through which all those concerned seek to recognise and reduce community data burden.

Read the full position statement here:

Monitoring Evaluation and Impact Position Statement Jan 2016



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