LM111 Week 5

Blog entry 3 on the 6/3/18 LM111

This weeks focus was on the concept of time linked to the media in a networked society. Manuel describes this theory as ‘..new concepts and new theoretical perspectives to understand the trends that characterise the structures and dynamics of our societies in the world of the twenty-first century’ (Castells, 2010, The Rise of the Network Society p. 19) We were shown a video explaining an equation to easily explain this concept of “networked society”. This equation is




Big Ideas + 


= Networked Society 

Maria explained how media in a networked society nowadays, with digitisation for example, means that media isn’t as effected by time like it once was. Back in the early 1900’s people would send hand-written letters to communicate (this would take a few days minimum to reach the recipient) – however in present-day people can have real time conversations with each other from opposite sides of the planet.  “In the network society, the emphasis on sequencing is reversed. The relationship to time is defined by the use of information and communication technologies in a relentless effort to annihilate time by negating sequencing” (Castells, 2009, p. 36, in Educationmuseum, 2013) 

We also spent a majority of the lecture and seminar debating the perk given to female employers by Facebook and Apple, offering to freeze their eggs in order for them to delay having children/not missing the opportunity to have children. My group said it was a good idea, and people who wish to do so can, but those who do not want to wait do not have to. The fact people can do this shows just how far modern society has come when it comes to controlling time.

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