LM111 Week 3

Blog entry 2 on the 21/02/18 LM111

In this weeks lesson, Maria started off by explaining the 3 layered model of media. Which is;

  1. objects and tools such as laptop and phone
  2. content and services such as recording or copying
  3. practices of use/social meanings – share, consume and communicate

This weeks theme, similar from last week, from my understanding, was the history and the contrast between old and new media “new media are often frequently contrasted (usually favourably) with ‘old media’ (Lister et al. 2009, p. 45). In the lecture, Maria gives us a brief history of the development of media from 1960’s America to present day. She also taught us the key term Technological Determinism: which is the focus on media technology and its effect on users.

In groups we discussed “How, in itself, the media doesn’t contribute¬† to participation, expression and freedom of information of information”. My team talked about how in North Korea the media consumption is changed to suit the needs of the government, and how in China – Facebook (2004) is banned. Even though the internet does help information and participation and freedom of speech, it still has its boundaries. This relates to the quote “…technological innovations are seen drivers in the ‘progress’ (or sometimes ‘decline’) of society and culture” (Miller, 2011:3)

Homework: Is a historical perspective useful to the study of media? 

The compassion between the old and new in the media allows us as users and creators to see whats changed over time, too gain perspective in what we had and what’s evolved to present day. These comparisons can help us evaluate pros and cons in what we had to what we can have. “Revolutions in the media turn out to have been long in the making” (MacKensie and Wajcman, 1999:9) suggesting we were always going to improve technology, and this is not a new development.

However, despite Lister saying “any attempt to understand new media requires a historical perspective” (Lister et al, 2003: 38) I do not believe that historical perspective is crucial to the study of media. Media is always changing and always current, history becomes irrelevant.



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  1. A very good post! I am very pleased to see you drawing on readings and critically discussing short quotes taken from selected readings – in consistency with your reflection from week two (and the statement about readings).

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