Monday 16th April


During the seminar there was a group presentation lead by Danny, Jan, Raha and Daniel. They were teaching us about dataveillance and consumer discipline. I was looking forward to this presentation, as I don’t know much about ‘dataveillance’. I now know that it is essentially data plus surveillance, for example, being surveilled online. Furthermore, they told us a bit about the purpose behind dataveillance and how it varies according to the needs and wants of the information collector or owner of the organisations and companies that collect it. It could even be down to the understanding of consumers buying habits. We were also taught about the data protection act of 1998 and how it has had very little amendments from when it was created. On the 25th May this year they are going to change this and make it so that you have more control over who touches your data. The companies will also have to give reasons for why they have your data and could be liable to punishment if they breach this. We will no longer be able to use survey monkey for our university projects as part of the new legislation is that our data has to be kept inside of the UK and survey monkey is an American website, so this will no longer be allowed. Overall, I found there presentation very interesting and left me thinking about my own data protection and what companies could have about me that I don’t know.

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