About the project


The Materialisation of Persuasion is an AHRC-funded project, which investigates Modernist exhibitions designed in Britain for the purposes of propaganda and resistance, from 1933 to 1953.

The project, which runs from February 2019 to January 2023, is led by Dr Harriet Atkinson of University of Brighton. This site will host news and updates on the project as it develops.

The full title of the project is “The Materialisation of Persuasion”: Modernist Exhibitions in Britain for Propaganda and Resistance, 1933 to 1953 and it investigates how exhibitions mounted in British public spaces, from church halls to train stations, were designed to communicate messages of propaganda and resistance. The project will connect propaganda exhibitions held across a range of locations around and beyond Britain during these decades and mounted by an extended network of designers including FHK Henrion and Misha Black. The research will also result, among other things, in a monograph, a co-edited essay collection and a documentary film created in collaboration with Four Corners film, London.


Dr Harriet Atkinson, Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities
University of Brighton
10-11 Pavilion Parade
Brighton BN2 1RA, UK

Email: h.atkinson2@brighton.ac.uk

Project twitter feed: @Materialisatio2


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