Technical Support / Health & Safety
Please consider me your first point of call for all things technical. I am here to give advice and support your work plus to make sure that all health and safety requirements are set in place. And I say it now: Health & Safety, risk assessments and ethics are not an afterthought, but an integral part of anyone’s work. Partly to make sure you are not at risk when building the exhibition, partly to make sure the audience is not at risk when coming to see your work.
If any of the following is part of your work, Charlie and I will have to know about it as soon as possible: Animals (dead or alive), food and drink, work including participation of vulnerable people (children, the elderly or people with learning disabilities), nudity or images of a sexual nature, flashing lights or loud sounds, constructions or installations that include sharp objects. Just to list the most common. And this is not to say you cannot do it. It just means if we know in advance, then we can make sure it is done within the right framework.

Media Centre Equipment – Proposal forms
Those forms need to be signed by your tutor and technician, before you can take them to the media centre to book equipment. Work Proposal Form Complete 2016 The earlier the better as equipment is booked out on a come first, served first basis. So please arrange a meeting with me to talk through our technical requirements:

Construction / Wood Work
Please give me an early indication on who needs plinths, shelves, or projector cradles. I need to have an overview, so I can see what we can provide in terms of budget. This is for standard things. Anything that is essential for your work e.g. custom-made carpentry will have to be sourced / provided by yourselves. If you are unsure, run it past me.
While I will try to help everyone as much as possible, what I cannot be is a service provider, so please don’t simply “order” stuff from me like you would from Amazon. Think about whether you really, really do need a plinth. Don’t just say you need one just in case. Because if we end up with 30 people wanting plinths that means I will be stuck 3 full days in the wood workshop making plinths, which takes time away from helping with other things. I also would like 2-3 people that assist me in the workshop, when cutting wood and assembling plinths (if you can use a drill you are in!). Plus a group of people that can paint plinths (rather than everyone painting their own plinths, get a plinths painting team together and do them all in one swift shift.)

3 thoughts on “Technical

  1. Hey Sina, mentioned it on my own page but as my set up should be very quick, I would be happy to give you and others a hand, I am quite ok with wood works, so could give you a hand cutting wood and assembling plinths, painting, whatsoever.

  2. Lovely, I believe you will all let us know on time!
    As I need a bit of train journey from So’ton, I may need to be noticed a bit before, but I am planning to be around three or four days in a row anyway – more if needed.

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