Plans Sandra

Not sure yet. I will know in week of 17th of May. Probably one of two plans:


  • black and white paint
  • large white sheet stretched on frame ca. L300xH150cm
  • mounted 100cm of wall
  • film projector behind screen
  • water basin ca. L300x D 120cm
  • black garden pond plastic in basin
  • water in water basin
  • 2 loud speakers
  • MP3 player
  • film player (not sure what available)
  • ca. 3 spotlights
  • dark space


  • Large display cabinet self build need wood and Glas?
  • ca. 3 plinths not sure of size
  • drills in wall to hang flagpost maybe
  • I might build cabinets as shelves (as you Sina showed me)
  • loudspekers (build in cabinet with press botton) or in wall
  • MP3 Player
  • maybe small wall to seperate two sides

In both Plans I will need hammer, nails, drill and wood

Elizabeth Smith

The Gallery
Sculpture 7´6″ x 6´6″ but needs space to walk around and light above as arranged with technicians
Plinths as arraranged with Sina: W2´6″ x 6´6″ x 1´6″


Notes from Sina:
Will need the tower for set up. Fishing wire fixed to ceiling and floor. Rather than drilling holes for each suspended image/frame into the ceiling (SDS, wall plugs needed), it will be more flexible to fix 2x1s to the ceiling and then add hooks to that.

Jason Murphy


2x DT 100 Headphones
2x audio interface
2x laptop
3x power supply

I will be supplying 2 x speakers (waist high/8inch wide and deep), turntable, amp, vinyl records, 6x crates to hold 12inch vinyl records.

I can provide a laptop (and interface, miss and 1 x dt150 headphones if needed).

I would like to set up the headphones with laptop in the sculpture area if possible with down lighting. I need to hide the tech and just display the headphones on a hook. The laptop is taking a feed from 2 mics. one which is feeding the ambience of the gallery and the other a feed from the person stood wearing the headphones. Hope this makes sense.

I will supply the turntable, speaker etc for the main gallery space. This one should not take longer than half a day as I am supplying everything and I have practised set up time at home.

Doreen Munro

Plinth – needs dimensions

Plinth needed at least 140x120cm height 70cm could I confirm this size next week ?

Rusty metals will be used tallest piece one metre to give you an idea, should not be a problem Health & Saftey-wise as it will be cleaned but will be a few sharpe edges.

Other work  will be on the wall which I can do.

I can use a drill and happy to help  others.

No tech/equipment needed.

Susan Fynes

Hi Sina,

I will be putting up x3 framed paintings in the ground floor gallery space on the wall. They are all 60 inches square.
In the upstairs sculpture space I have a wall I will be installing a wall installation (sticking sheets of paper/information to the wall). I will probably paint a grey square on the wall first and stick onto that area. I am anticipating it will be similar in scale to my other paintings- 60 inches square.

I may need help in drilling to put my paintings up on the wall in the main gallery space, and I will need lighting (track lighting?) in the ground floor gallery and probably a spot light for the sculpture space (particularly if the room will be dark!)

Shall I complete a ‘proposal form for you?’

Tori Day

Painting corridor / light room / enough wall space

Painting walls grey (needs to painted back to white afterwards)

Hi Sina – I would like four plinths constructed, dimensions TBC after talking to you but roughly 30 cm square on top and 120 cm tall. I will be painting these myself. I need to discuss with you the best display mechanism – there will need to be a way of affixing materials to the top of the plinths.