Tori Day

Painting corridor / light room / enough wall space

Painting walls grey (needs to painted back to white afterwards)

Hi Sina – I would like four plinths constructed, dimensions TBC after talking to you but roughly 30 cm square on top and 120 cm tall. I will be painting these myself. I need to discuss with you the best display mechanism – there will need to be a way of affixing materials to the top of the plinths.

Joshua Churchill

Performance – with performance space/ “folk club” set up.

No plinths or furniture needed – i will providing it all.

I can use drills and tools – and happy to help those who can not.

I do need power supply – and extension cables (3 x four socket cable will do the trick!)

I may need advice in regards to health and safety – i.e. fixing cables and pinning down carpet, etc.

Shao-Chieh Tsai

Possibility of fitting door spy from gallery space facing into foyer area (looking at branches hanging from the ceiling)?

door spy

This is the area the branches would have to hang (in front of those windows) as it is the only area where a door spy could be fitted within the gallery (purely from a technical point of view). The other question is whether that bit of gallery wall is already allocated to anyone (the wall space inside the gallery, where the spy hole would be fitted)?

foyer-wall-notesfoyer wall3foyer wall 2

Kyunmin Kim

I want to display 3 piece of works, 2 piece in Sculpture room and 1 piece in Gallery Room. 

1. Can I use a pillar in Sculpture room? I think no-one use pillar.  I attached some drawing and images that can help understanding. – Pillar work

2. If can I use pillar, can I attach plaster on pillar? – Pillar work

3. I brought turntable, which was possible to turn. But I’m not sure which one can I use plug or battery?  – Cube work.

4. I’m looking for material which can connect on each side of wire mesh. Is it possible to use welding? I need thin wire frame. – Cube work.  

5.My space will be in Room 128, but it is not confirmed. Can I hang my work and slide projector on the ceiling? 

Silja Hytti

Installations with sculpture, video, sound, and photographs.
I will need help with building of the aquarium stand out of wood (I have Sina you about this). I will need helping also with installing the video projector, media player and speakers. With the photographs I need advice in hanging them.
I can use hammer, not drill.
I will need video projector, media player and speakers from the media centre.
Also from where could I borrow spotlights?

Silja table