Download minutes as Word document: SHOW MEETING MINUTES 26.4.2016

Show meeting with Charlie Hooker


Today – to discuss

  • Name?
  • Catalogue
  • Allocation of space in general
  • Sina and technical requirements

Title/ name?

In the past its just been MAFA and the year.

Top suggestions:

MAFA 2016?

MA Fine Art 2016


(E)strange(d) Green Republic

Elastic Practise

Queer Green Republic


JOSH – suggests another way of saying MAFA 2016? Different way semantically of putting it or depicting it.


Two schools of thought – make it different and get people thinking a particular way? Against – some people see it as working to a brief..


What is the title for?


MA Fine Art – very hard to get an umbrella term for us all MAFA – not everyone knows what that means. How do we say it in a more unusual way?


The group decided on MA Fine Art Show We have a second year graphics student on board who will work to a brief from the catalogue group to try to make that a little more interesting visually. Linda has copies of previous years for reference.


Insert a word to make it specific to us? Brighton?


Incorporate something about Brighton?


Catalogue team to Email the options from the graphics student around and we’ll vote online between a couple of options so that everyone gets a say




Format and requirements..

ADELE – catalogue team will send an email – couple of key dates…..


Need to have images from all students by 25th May DEADLINE – two formats will be sent out.

A6 catalogue. Two pages for everyone. Convenient and cheaper than a bigger glossy catalogue.


Three people from another (digital?) MA joining our show – Charlie to find out who the digital people are.


29 of us and then potentially three more from digital media.


You can pick your own format from a choice of two for the catalogue. Images and a bit of text. And a contact email.


The image doesn’t have to be of the work that you are actually showing.


25th MAY DEADLINE 5pm to send image and text for the catalogue


There is a mailing list for catalogues – Linda and the gallery people have this. (contact Clary Little.)


How many catalogues?   250 – so we don’t throw them away . Will uni pay for postage? UNOFFICIALLY the uni can send stuff – (CHARLIE SAID! ….shhhhh)


SINA will do a session on how to get the images in the right resolution and format.


Email will come re what is required, Jpeg or PDF etc. – keep an eye on the website.


Allocation of space


1st years on second floor – one studio will be Charlie and Tori Day. Go and have a look when its been emptied out.


Two extra studios this year, maybe three (one will be used for storage) 206 and 207 are extra rooms and really big – Louise the technician is going to put a wall up in there. First years should go and have a look at 206/207


2nd years and full timers – gallery and sculpture and maybe foyer


Documentation room


CHARLIE – commented that it seems to be the last room at the end of the show – documentation is vital and really informative and useful for gallery visitors


We are not obliged to show anything we don’t want to for the show. EVERYTHING for assessment but stuff can be removed before the show.


PAULA – lockable room please, and it must have power for a projector or a screen.


CHARLIE TO ASK MICHAEL if we can use G4.

second choice 128

third choice second floor small studio


Sina – proposal requirements and website


Sina is our dedicated technical help.


Sina will set up a website for us – specifically for the show. Thank you!


If you need a projector for the show – you need to get in touch with Sina ASAP

as there’s construction work involved.


Animals – dead or alive need to get in touch with Sina asap.




MEDIA CENTRE FORM DEADLINE 31st MAY OR SOONER. FILL IN THE FORM ASAP EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT USE TECHIE STUFF, it’ll be on the website. Start to think about the kinds of technical requirements we will need individually, plinths shelves etc. Media centre loans need to be signed by off Charlie and Sina well in advance.


Plinths requirements to Sina ASAP


Animals, nudity, sexual nature images, anything which might interfere with the fabric of the building e.g. heavy work, work hanging from the ceiling, Filming children or the elderly needs to be flagged up.   You MUST CONTACT SINA if you wish to include anything from this list. Staff will do everything to make your ideas possible but you MUST give notice for specific proposals.


Note it is a public show so there are copyright issues.


Sina has a sign-up form for the build for the show. If you have elaborate ideas you need to be available to help them materialise. The form will go on the website.


DEADLINE for proposals ASAP – more likely to get your requirements met.


NOTE: The show is accessible.


Invigilating timetable will go onto Sina’s website


Think about sockets when planning room allocation. Copy Sina in to the plans as they emerge.


Website information – hot off the press:

“As mentioned in the last meeting here a link to the MAFA 2016 Show Logistics website: http://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/mafa2016

You can see the site is password protected and the password is: 20mafa16

Once you log in you can see the website. Have a read through the Home page. It explains how we can use the site.

Please let me know, whether we should add more pages etc.

Keep in mind there are two levels to this site. The first log in simply allows you to see the website (so we can keep it private).

The second level allows you to log in to the editing part of the website (dashboard) and make changes to the actual site.

In order for that to happen I need your username first (as explained on the Home page).

It also works well on a smartphone and you should be able to add content easily.

Any problems, let me know.

All the best,