Sina – to do

Peephole – gallery

Costing up fabric, wood, lights – suppliers?

Cheap framer – check with photography


Wood for next week



One thought on “Sina – to do

  1. Hello Sina,
    I agree with you and Charlie that the Foyer space outside the café will be the best place to show my work. I am assuming that I will not be able to set up until 5th July when Gallery is available, although I will be photographing the piece elsewhere for my documentation hand in on 27th June.
    The work in the foyer, Doubtful Species, comprise 3 free standing pieces (300 x 70, 80 x 120 and 80 x 120cm on plan). Each incorporates 12V LED lighting (transformer in sealed box fixed to wall adjacent socket).
    I will also need a plinth for a piece in the gallery (50cm x 30cm x 100cm High). I am happy to come in to help with plinths or other set up duties (I am reasonably capable with tools etc) although, as time is tight on making my own work, I can only spare one day. Let me know when you would like me to come in.
    Best wishes,
    Paul Tuppeny

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