Susan Fynes

Hi Sina,

I will be putting up x3 framed paintings in the ground floor gallery space on the wall. They are all 60 inches square.
In the upstairs sculpture space I have a wall I will be installing a wall installation (sticking sheets of paper/information to the wall). I will probably paint a grey square on the wall first and stick onto that area. I am anticipating it will be similar in scale to my other paintings- 60 inches square.

I may need help in drilling to put my paintings up on the wall in the main gallery space, and I will need lighting (track lighting?) in the ground floor gallery and probably a spot light for the sculpture space (particularly if the room will be dark!)

Shall I complete a ‘proposal form for you?’

One thought on “Susan Fynes

  1. This is fine. I won’t need you to do an extra proposal form for this.
    In terms of lighting – in the gallery we will just have to use the track light that is there and make sure we point them towards your paintings.

    As far as I am aware the Sculpture Studio will not be dark anymore as after looking at prices and time, it was just not possible to achieve to a high standard. So your sheets will be in normal daylight.

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