Jason Murphy


2x DT 100 Headphones
2x audio interface
2x laptop
3x power supply

I will be supplying 2 x speakers (waist high/8inch wide and deep), turntable, amp, vinyl records, 6x crates to hold 12inch vinyl records.

I can provide a laptop (and interface, miss and 1 x dt150 headphones if needed).

I would like to set up the headphones with laptop in the sculpture area if possible with down lighting. I need to hide the tech and just display the headphones on a hook. The laptop is taking a feed from 2 mics. one which is feeding the ambience of the gallery and the other a feed from the person stood wearing the headphones. Hope this makes sense.

I will supply the turntable, speaker etc for the main gallery space. This one should not take longer than half a day as I am supplying everything and I have practised set up time at home.

One thought on “Jason Murphy

  1. Jason, were you thinking to get the laptops and audio interface from uni? Have you talked to anyone about this? Because the media centre has no laptops to hire out.

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