There are requests for SPOTLIGHTS, but I just would like to point out again that there are no spotlights at University that can be hired. The Media Centre doesn’t stock lights. There are either some ‘birdies’ that we might be able to borrow from PAVA, but those are not very powerful as such. They might work for some but definitely not for others. Think about whether you really, really need lights as it also means more plug sockets and more cables.
(Sina 18/05/2016)

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How this site works:

I made a blog post for each of the students on MAFA. You can see the list to the right (laptop) or if you scroll further down (mobile phone). There are two ways you can interact depending on how tech adventurous you would want to be (good way of learning how to use a CMS). The easy way: Use the comment box that you can see, once you clicked on your name. What I would like to know from you is this:

What are you doing?
Will it need wood work? What specifically?
Can you use a drill and do basic construction yourself?
Will it require media centre equipment? What specifically?
Health & safety / Risk assessment / Ethics?

Which days are you in during the building?

What I don’t want is an essay – just quick answers for now e.g. “What are you doing?” – Paintings on walls, installation, video, performance, etc. Plus I am mainly interested in the technical aspects. No need to tell me anything about the concept behind your work (not that I don’t care about it, but for now that isn’t my main concern.)

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