I came across these images of inside Margiela’s atelier department that actually showcase the making of the garment. This look is exactly the idea that i want to show, an almost unfinished, messy image. With the unfinished one sleeve, or blazer collar; it could be used to show what actually is important about being definite of this perfect beauty standard. The more i look into the deconstruction of clothing through modern designers, it is becoming evident that beauty will be less of a topic if i want to show emphasis on my styling. Therefore, i could develop the theme into womens standards of fashion today and the clothing or trends we are made to feel are important to have to live up to a perfect image. This could be shown through using a range of garments that could be taken as popular or on trend and deconstructing them on the body to be made to look unfinished – like these atelier examples. By doing this, it could help show excessiveness towards buying these popular clothing items just because we feel like we need to be wearing them. It would build up multiple layers and empty spaces on the figure to show an overall outcome of deconstruction.

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