“Girl Interrupted”


This editorial i thought was quite relevant to me developing a layered technique where you can understand the concept visually but also have an understanding of the fashion direction too. I am really fond of this technique where the stylists are excessively layering mountains of clothes onto a figure to create a completely new shape or garment. This could be a great idea in showcasing what are the actual beauty standards or perfected image standards for women today, by manipulating the original body shape with oversized garments, contrasting colours and unusual shapes. I am also interested in how the sizing of clothing differs from garment to garment and really helps to exaggerate the entire image, pulling the model off the background. It looks as though multiple scarves or puffer jackets have been forced around the body, on top of similar items, to recognize a point of what is the purpose of these garments? Can they be altered or will society always know them as the same?

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