A/W 17


Now i am developing a certain theme and style for this shoot, i thought it would be best to now look into how designers have actually used the theme of deconstruction. Cavallini has taken the famous trench coat design and used it to complete these various looks with multiple layers, patterns and colours. The trench coat is still very evident in each outfit, but you can see that it has obviously bee manipulated and deconstructed to reinvent a solid outfit. I am really drawn to the multiple and excessive layers that are almost thrown on top of the model, disregarding complimenting the body shape or size. The nude palette also relates to this idea of stripping back a person’s image and starting fresh, which i should also consider when forming my outfits. Changing the function of a garment like Cavallini has done here with the trench coat could be a great idea for deconstructing a perfected person. It shows an unconventional function for the original piece of clothing and doesn’t conform to societies original standards.

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