S/S 06



Dries Van Noten is a very relevant example of a luxury designer who aims to present the unconventional to his buyers and religiously plays on this idea of artistic deconstruction and layering.

The garments seem so carelessly thrown onto the model, but with his appropriate use of high heels, red lipsticks and overly powdered faces, he perfectly showcases such unusual materials to be of a certain glamour. This technique could be useful acknowledging because his unconventional style doesn’t appeal to society’s norms, however are still made to feel fashionable, expensive or at least majorly wanted. This links to the idea of asking ‘what are the standards for women?’ as although i may show them stripped back with various amounts of deconstructed and messy layers, they are still made to feel worthy and presentable. It all surrounds the topic of not conforming to average norms.

I think i should start collecting garments that i feel could effectively represent today’s popular choices of clothing and maybe even ones that aren’t typically shown to be on trend in society to filter through a slight contrast. It could encourage a perspective that asks, can you see a difference in what society classes as ‘fashionable’ and what is not?

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