This is another example of how an artist has manipulated faces and bodies to break the barriers of society’s beauty standards. Although i have said i want to stay away from replicating the theme of actual facial beauty and stick to using garments to depict this instead, the use of skin and body type here is something i like. The image on the left, showing string that cuts out parts of the skin into segments is the main image i was drawn to. I like the various different segments that you immediately find yourself noticing over any part of the face, instead of the entire face blending into one. It almost highlights various parts of the face so we are drawn to noticing how beautiful each section is without it being just another face. Segmenting parts of the figure with clothing could be such an effective way in both showing the theme of the Renaissance painting and my own styling techniques. It would be a way of actually deconstructing clothing and deconstructing a figure. If doing this, the models should definitely be female so that it emphasizes these running themes of how women have had to conform to beauty standards or even fashion trends for thousands of generations.

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