I came across Freeman’s work when developing research into how modern artists have taken influence from renaissance paintings in someway and cemented them into their own approach of work. Freeman’s approach here is meant to create and combine relationships and bodies in a gravity free environment to create shapes that would be impossible on dry land. The concept of his collection links to my idea because of his understanding of the impossible, however my work wants to attempt similar positions on dry land to meet the unconventional, as well as the femininity of Venus in the painting. You can immediately link many examples of Renaissance art with these photographs; the cherub like nature of the figures, the colour palettes and the sense of purity of which Venus depicts as a character. The sort of positions that are showcased in his images are much more exaggerated than what i would aim for as i need to focus mainly around Venus’ positioning and possibly the other characters in the painting; and neither have adapted posing like these. The colour palette is very useful to consider as it plays on this sense of romanticism or purity which is a theme i want to portray also. The variations of the skin and its texture is highlighted as a really beautiful form of photography because of his focus on colours.

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