Carlota’s photographic work has a strict soft, pastel colour palette; which in someways showcases the stereotype of feminine or feminist photographic standards, where a religious glow effect is used throughout. Similar to photographer Petra Collins, Carlota plays on a sense of nostalgia and highlights this with her constant pastel palette which is a key factor i need to pursue within my own work. She shoots on film which i feel helps highlights the beautiful colours within her art direction, therefore film being a targeted style of photography for my shoot too. Not only this, but the way the models are positioned seems to highlight delicacy and romanticism – linking back to my perception of the Birth of Venus painting. I think the artist has actually taken a lot of inspiration from the painting itself, whether this be accidental, the obvious use of the open shell and feminine, nude body placed in it states this. The way the women are posed in each photo is something i want to take away from her style to help me portray Venus from the painting and place her in modern light. How they cover their nude body or show certain curves through the overlay of material seems so angelic and this is exactly how i want my models to be portrayed.


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