This is an editorial i found in ‘fucking young’ magazine which is meant to revolve around androgyny (which i disagree with anyway) but also shows many signs again of this sort of renaissance period styling. It is really subtle and completely compliments the rest of the outfit choices but still as a reader, it is very noticeable to me. I want to use this example throughout my project, not only the styling but i am really interested in the use of green screen and contrasting red lighting. I will only take from this shoot the sort of femininity and masculinity the model holds through his own features and through choice of styling. Genderless attributes is something i find myself becoming more and more passionate about and is an element of the fashion industry that i constantly take along with my own work. I am also going to look into the use of tights. It is rare to see a male in tights and as i know they are an accessory which is forcefully coming back into high trend, they could be effective in modernising the past era.


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