Semiotics, language and popular culture

My attention is immediately drawn to Kiera Knightley herself. The pose is suggesting quite a seductive and sexual appearance. Matched by her stare directly to the reader, this creates a ‘wanting’ atmosphere, for example women will want to continue reading because they want to look like her, feel like her and ultimately give off the same effect. This is enhanced by the images in the background, especially the woman biting a mans lip. This appears highly seductive and the woman having her hair draped back suggests she ins more sophisticated; it would be unexpected. The colours are very feminine and not too exaggerated which creates a more subtle, perhaps a secrecy vibe, implying it may be more sophisticated women again, wanting to, for once, not stick to the rules or connotations of being sophisticated; become seductive.

Assessing verbal signs, there are different titles spaced around the magazine cover which makes you read one-by-one. Both ‘shopping diaries’ and ‘beach bling’ imply clothing, what’s more they are both short and catchy, especially the alliteration in ‘beach bling’. As women notoriously love to shop, these titles will encourage them to read on, especially after looking at Keira Knightley, wanting to appear as seductive as her.

The fact the top part of Keiras body was selected suggests the women that read vogue are generally less revealing. However, as her bust is shown bare this persuades them to be more daring and sexy; going against the norm of being sophisticated.

I think because Keira is the first thing that attracts me, this is central, therefore it attracts our attention to all the titles around her. The big necklace may enhance the title ‘beach bling’ because it is evidence of jewellery. In addition, ‘summer in the city survival kit’ is placed directly next to Keiras shirt she’s wearing which implies it’s going to be talking about clothing. In addition ‘survival kit’ insists it’s a necessity but also suggests it’s out of the ordinary; sophistication becoming seductive.

Referring to textual codes, Keiras face is renown for being a sexual pout; it is used to gain attention; she wants to be recognised. The way she is thrusting her body forward is another renown textual code of being wanted sexually or attracting attention. The fact this is a ladies magazine implies they want to be able to give off the same effect and because Keira Knightly is textually a renown public figure, they will want to be like her.

In addition, the magazine’s langue here is its title ‘Vogue’, It has connotations and holds a range of different things; the latest celebrity, latest celebrity look, fashion people should be wearing and also the classiness ‘Vogue’ denotes. We know it is expensive and a high end fashion magazine. This partnered with ‘shopping diaries’ and ‘summer in the city survival kit’ make readers want to read on and see what the big deal is about.

There are social codes which are constructed through role models and simply societies interpretation of manners. Keira Knightley breaks social codes here. She is meant to be ‘reserved’ and ‘polite’, not showing any skin; stereotypes of women, however her she is breaking them all. This is what interests women to want to read the magazine because they will also feel this sense of power and think that if they look and dress how Keira does, they will have it and feel free.

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