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This is the advertisement I have created for an 80’s themed night at The Haunt. As you can see  have included intertextuality. By phrasing ‘get footloose’ not only am I playing on the renown term ‘loosen up’; to have  fun and be free but I’m also referring to the film ‘Footloose’ which was made in the 80’s. This in supported by the image taken from the film. In addition, I have used an ontological metaphor, being the noun ‘moonwalk’. This was a dance created in the 80’s which I have used to imply the going back in time by attending the dance because it is that decade. It is simply. dance move and not a real verb, therefore it gives people an attribute that is non-existent for the purpose of the decade it’s been made in.

I have used the reversal signs also to refer to going back in time. This engages ‘moonwalk’ again but also symbolises reliving the decade. I have used the term ‘top’ another dance move as an ontological metaphor again, re-establishing the decade theme.

Considering ideologies, people assume the 80’s to be exciting and fun; a time of change. Michael Jackson is labelled ‘the king of pop’, pragmatically people know he invented the moonwalk and so would think the 80’s to be a time of partying.

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