At 15.00, London witnessed one of its most tragic incidents. Records show five fatalities and fifteen civilians critically injured. It is currently unknown whether the fire started accidentally or if in fact it was arson.

A witness, Cheryl Brooker, 54, who was in her flat just across from the scene suggested she ‘didn’t see any groups or odd behaviour from passers by’ but simply heard an explosion and immediately called 999.

Families and friends offer their sympathies at they lay boquets of flowers and cards for the deceased at the scene.

Yet another devastating episode in London. When will the people know peace?


I have chosen to use more factual language in my news story; it is more reflectional. News stories are meant to release facts to their audience. In this scenario I am informing local Londoners of the incident their city has just witnessed, for example I suggest when and where and the amount of casualties recorded. However, some of the language is also quite expressive because I have been asked to write about the photo, therefore some of the terminology I use needs to be spontaneous and persuasive so the general public will believe me.

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