Week 1: Introduction


Parliament under fire from youth political terrorist organisation, leaving casualties queuing for help. The rebel group known as “Guido”, gained there name after their first recorded terror attack which interrupted the loved Lewis Bonfire Parade. Since then, they have announced further attacks on British cities in the name of “Redistribution of power”.

Yesterday’s onslaught left 20 innocents wounded, however, London police force was quick to intervene before more passers-by got injured. Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police Service, Cressida Dick had this to say in support to everyone involved:

“The London Police Service is┬átaking steps towards the apprehension of the terrorist group, but until then security around local landmarks will increase”

– The title “Guy Fawkes Fright” uses alliteration to play on the common name for November 5th, “Guy Fawkes Night”. This sets the theme for the story of this article. This theme continues with the name of the terrorist organisation “Guido”, being the real name of Guy Fawkes.
– By using language with negative┬áconnotations like “Rebel”, “onslaught”, “terror” and ” under fire”, the article is showing strong opinion against the group Guido.
– Having a quote from a high ranking member of the police service shows the first-hand experience when reporting the incident, increasing the trust towards the article and enforces the idea of expertise from the reporter.

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One thought on “Week 1: Introduction

  1. this is a good start. You may want to strengthen the healing by using something else than ‘fright’ as even though it does capture the Guy Fawkes Night, through the rhyme, it actually make the attack as a ‘fright’ which is mild. An attack like this on the parliament would be seen as a major incident. You rightly pick out the words “rebel” and onslaught as negative words but need to say why and how they are negative – parliament is about democracy not terror, so when juxtapositioned with each other it presents a very strong story. use the reading for the week too support your reflection. Write your reflection as a narrative and not at bullet points.

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