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AD395-Final Major Project

Styling Planning

Today and I have been planning the styling for the films, in which I have been organising what outfit needs to go for each fo the films. I ahve also invested in some coloured sunglasses which I will use in… Continue Reading →

Colour strategy applied to film series

In this, I have summarised my colour strategy for the Final major project’s film series. I have visualised the colour flow and links between all three films, this summarises how the colours are considered from the background choice to the… Continue Reading →

Studio Planning

In the past week I have been breaking down the remaining time of the final major project. In this, I have broken down the time we have left until the easter holidays for which I have been looking into access… Continue Reading →

Outfit Making

In order to test the Fortie Label looks for the photoshoots, I have decided to recreate some of their looksa in order to test the clothing compatibility with the intended image, setting and concept. In this, I have recreated two… Continue Reading →

Kaveh Golestan

For this project I had also gone to see the works of Kaveh Golestan who is an Iranian born photographer. Golestan  explores the difficulty of society surrounding wars and sex work. In particularly, I am exploring his intimate photo series… Continue Reading →

Martin Parr

For this project I have gone to see the works of Martin Parr which are exhibited at the Tate Britain. Martin Parr is a British born documentary Photographer who maintains a unique perspective of the world. Parr is mostly known for… Continue Reading →

Tequila Film Breakdown

In the research of Nadia Lee Cohen, I have broken down her film Tequila. In this I have screen captured the scenes to understand the balance between the different shots, setting and storyboard. In this I have hihglighted when tensions… Continue Reading →

Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadia Lee Cohen Nadia Lee Cohen is a British fine art Photographer, Filmmaker and self-portrait artist. Cohen’s work is highly inspired by the 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s eras through the lens of Americana cinema. The works all display her… Continue Reading →

The 40 elephants

In my reasearch of the key chosen brand Fortie Label, I have discovered that the brand was influenced by the 1800s girl gang 40 Elephants. In an interview, Essie Buckman had spoken about how the brand was influenced by the… Continue Reading →

Spaghetti Experimental

Following a tutorial with Martha, I was advised to develop short advertorial films to test ideas and visuals. I responded to this by developing a short advertorial film called Moms Spaghetti. In this, I have showed the key product which… Continue Reading →

Proposal Emails

In the process of targetting adn contacting brands to propose a collaborative project, I must ensure to make contact in a capturing way. A simple email can go a long way but considering that I am proposing a creative project… Continue Reading →

Jessie McEwan – Second Brand Analysis

Jessie McEwan is a graduate from Northumbria University, As a new graduate she has the need to develop her brand further and make it into a business. I was attracted to this brand because the clothing, it is strong in… Continue Reading →

Fortie Label- First brand analysis

In this part of the project I have narrowed it down to two brands that I would liek to appraoch, one of which is Fortie Label. Fortie Label was founded by CSM graduate Essie Buckman who won awards through fashion… Continue Reading →

Baby Father- Capturing streamed consciousness

Baby Father (BBF) is an album produced by Underground artist Dean Blunt and hosted by DJ Escrow. Blunt is a multi-faceted artist with both musical and artistic investment, he is known to be a rebellious figure and a prankster with… Continue Reading →

Approaches to Brands

Having done a wide research into brands and designers that I would like to work with for the developments of my final films, I now have to decide on one specific brand I would like to work with. To approach… Continue Reading →

Bruce McLean

For this Project I am very intrigued with the idea of pose and structure. In consideration of the final films I want to produce, I must consider the composition and the poses of the models, to create a statemental image… Continue Reading →

Experimental Footage #2

In my continuous development of experimental films, I have produced another short video which focuses on the colour yellow with experimental recorded sounds.The accompanying sound was recorded in the Barbican Centre London, it was capturing the leaking sounds of a musical… Continue Reading →

Portfolio Building

In order to attract the brands in mind, I must already have a small portfolio of video clips. The clips can be viewed by the contacted brands to give them a visual idea of what I can achieve, my style… Continue Reading →

Brand Scouting

In order to be able to start planning the films I must choose a brand that I wish to do the films for. The brand must be one that fits the visual aesthetic of my ideas and style. By developing a… Continue Reading →

Wim Wenders: Instant Stories

The exhibition, Instant Stories features a selection of 200 polaroids taken by the renowned, Oscar-nominated film maker Wim Wenders. The exhibition gives us a deep insight into the thought processes, aesthetic inspirations and preoccupations of Wim Wanders and his works…. Continue Reading →

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