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AD394- Creative Research

Film Stills: I wrote ‘Heaven’ on the wall

Having watched the documentary, Sun Mu spoke about his experiences after leaving North Korea. In this he told of a diary he kept that captured all of his emotions at the time, a diary entry he wrote said: Today is… Continue Reading →

Film Stills: Big Nations, Little Fish

For this scene I looked at an installation done by Sun Mu, the installation featured a large chopping board, a small fish and a variety of sized knives rammed into the chopping board. In this piece of artwork Sun Mu… Continue Reading →

Film Stills: Turning ideologies into pieces of flower

In this scene I look at a painting and installation done by Sun mu, in this he features a red and a white rose in a vase of red liquid, this piece I found very beautiful and interesting. In order… Continue Reading →

Film Stills: One Look, One Sound

This is a scene I had decided to do based on a painting done by Sun Mu, the painting featured a row of school girls singing for their lives. The painting shows school girls lined up and stood almost in a… Continue Reading →

Film Stills: A letter that Cannot be sent

In this scene I had reflected on the personal experiences of Sun mu, in the documentary, the artist spoke of difficulties he faces having now left North Korea. For this particular scene I looked at how Sun Mu spoke about his family,… Continue Reading →

Film Stills: The Medicine

Having recorded my footage I have collected a lot of stills from the footage. This allows me to break down the video by shots, scenes and looks. The idea of the stills allows me to capture specific shots and looks… Continue Reading →

Film Styling

Having broke down the planned scenes for my film, I have used the weekend to scout clothing and props for the model. Considering a theme of Red, Pink and Navy I have put together 6 looks and organised them for… Continue Reading →

Analysing The making-of: An autoethnographic cinema on the meanings of contemporary craft practicing for a young hobbyis

The making-of: An autoethnographic cinema on the meanings of contemporary craft practicing for a young hobbyist is a published essay by crafts practitioner Anna Kouhia. In this essay Kouhia speaks of personal knitting practices and the production of an autoethnographic… Continue Reading →

Scene Planning

Today I have thought about the scenes that I want to shoot for my 3 minute film. Breaking down the artworks I want to re-create and the specific references I would like to use, I have been able to plan… Continue Reading →

Film Breakdown Sheet

Taking Action: Planning film

Today I started making progress on the visual aspects of my final outcome. I have made a booking for the university photography studio, having researched into locations in Brighton and London that could be used for the filming of my… Continue Reading →


The keyword behind this project is Anarchy. When I think of the term ‘Anarchy’ I automatically consider the western movements during the 60’s, 70′ and 80’s. I think of the sex pistols, Punk culture, icons such as Vivienne Westwood, feminists,… Continue Reading →

I am Sun Mu

With recent headlines of tensions and possibilities of a war between US and North Korea, I have spent my time investigating and researching people such as Donald Trump and how his leadership has lead to a situation as such. With… Continue Reading →

A Clockwork Orange

Having received my new brief for the AD395 module, I have decided on my specialism of Fashion Imaging and Film. In consideration of both options for the given brief, I have decided to draw some inspiration from moving image and… Continue Reading →

Internship 2016/17 Presentation

Today I had done a presentation for level 6 and level 4 Fashion comms students. The presentation summarised the 7 months I had spent working for RIZ:E and Euncie Olumide during my placement year of 2016/17. THe presentation summarised the… Continue Reading →

Philip Guston: Laughter in the Dark

Press Release: Philip Guston Laughter in the Dark, Drawings from 1971 & 1975 HAUSER & WIRTH Hauser & Wirth London presents ‘Philip Guston. Laughter in the Dark, Drawings from 1971 & 1975’, an exhibition devoted to the late artist’s satirical… Continue Reading →

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

This exhibition examines the work and legacy of influential Spanish couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga, with over 100 pieces crafted by ‘the master’ of couture, his protégées and contemporary fashion designers working in the same innovative tradition. Having seen this exhibition,… Continue Reading →

AD395: Creative Research in Fashion Communication

Today we have been introduced into the module AD394: Creative research in fashion communication. Having bee introduced into the module I have selected my specialism area of Fashion Imaging and Film. The specialism offers a choice of two briefs: Development… Continue Reading →

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