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Inspirational Fashion Films

In order to kickstart my fashion film project research I have looked at various fashion films for references and inspiration. Having looked [...]

Initial Project Intent

For the second part of the project I want to keep investigating fashion film in reflection to my dissertation topic. My dissertation investi [...]

AD394- Part 2: Visualising Dissertation (Lady Blue Shanghai)

For part 2 of the Ad394 brief, I am visualising my dissertation. My current dissertation topic is : Investigating the balance of Commerce an [...]

Final Edit of SUN WHO Film

After receiving feedback from Alice Neale and reflection onto the film, I have done a new edit of the film. I felt that the titles in the fi [...]

Film Evaluation

In the production of this film, I set out to create a fashion arts film that recreated selected artworks and experiences of a North Korean D [...]

Sound Production

For this fashion film I have developed my own sound. As mentioned in the statement of intent I had really focused on the possibility of usin [...]

Sun Who- The Film: First Edit

This is the final version of Sun Who the film, a three minute production recreating and reflecting the artworks and experiences of Sun Mu. [...]

Statement of Intent

For this project I have decided to create a fashion arts film that has a sole focus on the artist Sun Mu. As a North Korean defector, Sun Mu [...]

Film Stills: I wrote ‘Heaven’ on the wall

Having watched the documentary, Sun Mu spoke about his experiences after leaving North Korea. In this he told of a diary he kept that captur [...]
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