For a physical portfolio I have decided to develop and analogue spinning box which engages the audience with my work. In the progress of developing the box, I have designed the pieces on InDesign and had them cut in black acrylic sheets. Having had the main box cut I started by gluing all of the compartments for the box to start takign its shape.

On the base of the box I have glued three circle pieces together and attached them to the center so that the rod that will be coming down can stay in the center without moving and wobbling.

This was the first time putting the box together to test how well all of teh pieces fit together and to get an overall idea of its final size.

The next steps were to start developing the discs for the inside of the box. This was done by sizing up the middle rod, and measuring the distances and sizes of the discs.


In this porcess I measured and cut out the circles for the discs, however having used foam card I was unable to get smooth perfect edges and my circle had not been perfect which made the cisrcle cutting very difficult.


After the discs had been cut it was then time to attach them using paper and then lining them wiht the film strips and adding them onto the rod so they can be fitted to the right height on the viewing box. At the current moment I have produced all three fo the discs however the impercise cuttign of the circles led to the discs sitting at an angle and wonky. I am now waiting on discs being cut with lazer cutting in order to get percise shapes and to create one large disc with three film strips opposed to three seperate discs.