In consideration of how to present my films wihtin a physical portfolio, I have done research on some retro movie viewers. In this I found different designs however these seemed very inticate and difficult and I was hoping ot find a simple design that can give the viewers and idea, a snippet of the films. In this I came up with a design that allows me to display a small snippet of all three films and engages users with it.

Thsi was the intital drawing that sums up my idea. This I call the spinning box, it is a simple box which has a handle on top that is iused to spin the film inside. Inside the film screenshots will be put onto three large discs and that will be attached to the rob inside. Each of the disks will show frame breakdowns for each film I have made. On the outside the box has three small windows that are the same size as the film strips inside, the vwindows will be used to view the spinnging films.

Following the idea I had done a digital design as seen on the cover photo. This allowed me to demosntrate the box design in a clearer way and so that it can be further discussed with the likes of Chris who does the lazer cutting at techhub. This design was also dicussed with a technitian from plastics workshop in 3D, this allowed me to understand what is possible to do with Lazer Cutting as well as get suggestions on how to put the box together.

The next step was for me to do measures of the box, disks inside and rod in order to start producing the drawings for lazer Cutting. In this step I had used paper to draw out the box size, measure window sizes and figure out an appropriate size for the disks inside. Having also spoken to plastics, I was advised to develop ridge edges so that they can be glued in perfect fitting which meant I had to consider an extra 3mm on each side of the square for the ridges.

Box Size: 40.6cm

Disk Size: 36cm

Rod Size: 3.5cm

Window Size: 10*5.5cm

Film Strip Size: 109cm (This allows 11 frames per disk)