In the process of developing promotional materials I have re-designed my CV. Instead of sticking by  a standard word docuemnt file I wanted to develop a creative cv that was professional and demonstarted my layout skills. IN the development of this I chose two CV samples to work from, in this I combined both of their designs in order to produce my own.

The initial design was very simple, perfectly fitted onto one page and looked very clean. However the design did not allow me any space to write about my experinences other than listing them on a time line. This design also used different fonts compared to the fonts I had used in my website so that was another thing that needed to be changed in order to keep a uniform look throughout all my ppromotional materials.

The second design allowed me to keep the same features as the other design, however this time I was unable to list refrences but I was able to write about my experiences and job roles.

Design One:                                                                           Design Two: