In the development of promotional materials, I have also considered the use of a business card. Following my visit to the UoB graduate show last year I was very aware that many students had not bothered with business cards and some had roughyl hand made cards. This I thought was very unprofessional after also having seen the CSM Graduate show where all students had provided business cards that were to a high standard.

In my trip to CSM I collected a range of business cards from people’s stands and the one thing that helped me think back to the people’s work was their business card as a lot of them had placed an image from their work on it. in hte initial desing of my business card I had placed an image of my work on one side so that it can be used as a reminder to what my work was like.

However having graduate friends I find that the friends who had done this with their cards find themselves unable to use their business cards a few months down the line as they have gone outdated compared to their current work. For my cards I have decided to keep a simple imageless card so that it does not have a sell-by-date and cannot run out of date.