Last week I completed my final day fo filming which was for the Queen film.  This was followed by the test shoot I had done a couple fo weeks before. Due to having done a test shoot beforehand, I was able to develop a story board which hihglighted the key shots  I wanted to capture for the film which was useful in helping me ensure all the needed shots had been captured. In the inital test shoot I had used a green telephone but due to having borrowed it I was unable to use in the day of filming and had to resort to using the yellow phone I had used in Caught out.

The images below illustrate my useage of a table for getting still shots, being able to get shots from birdseye view and to get steady moving clips. The short video also illustrates the filming session in short movement. In the video it can be seen how I direct the model for the scenes and how I achieved each fo teh shots from different levels.