Caught out had been the second filming session I had carried out after doing the test shoots for all films. Following the photoshoot I had decided to change the floor to give the set a better feel of depth and pattern. The floor was built by myself and assistant Belinda which consisted of 45 square lino pieces with a repetitive pattern. Once having had the chance to set the background along with the floor I was quite relieved as it had all looked very well collectively, before the day fo the shoot I wasnt sure of how it may look as I had only previously edited a smiliar pattern onto the test photos.

The images here capture behind the scenes of the caught out filming session. Following the first filming session for the Seduction film I found that a lot of the clips had been un-useable due to wobbling which limited clips available. In this shoot however I came up with the idea to use a table for stabilsing the camera for panning and still shots.  BTS images also give a visual idea of how I achieved the different levels of angles seen in the film.